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Farhat Subah (she/her) is an enthusiast and eager to learn new things. Her dream is to travel the world. She paints, plays musical instruments, reads whenever she feels lost. Currently, she is an undergrad student at Memorial University pursuing a major in Economics.

MUN’s Expenditure to be inspected by Auditor General

The auditor general of Newfoundland and Labrador will investigate spending at Memorial University since all legislative obstacles have been cleared, the provincial government stated Monday (February 4, 2022). CBC reported that Memorial received a base operating grant of $245 million…

The Fund: MUN student-managed investment portfolio

The Fund is Memorial University’s first student-managed investment portfolio. The project began in September 2018 with $150,000 in startup funding from alumni. Memorial students can use the Fund to gain the skills they need to pursue a career in capital…

Atlantic Canada: Required Skills & Labour Shortage

Photo Credit: Jonny Gios (via unsplash)