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The Muse is the student-run newspaper of the Memorial University of Newfoundland. Starting its journey in 1950, The Muse has overcome quite some obstacles and basked in some glorious moments over time. As of now, it is a non-profit organisation relying heavily on donations and fundraisers as it embarks on its quest to rise from the ashes.

Our aim is to provide a voice for everyone on campus, include diversity and multi-cultures while staying true to what Newfoundland represents. As of 2019, we are forming a committee to help us achieve our goals. With time, we hope to create something truly valuable and inspiring as we continue to build a platform for every student on campus.

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Location: UC-2002
Memorial University of Newfoundland
1 Arctic Avenue, St. John’s


Marium Nawal Oishee
Marium is an undergraduate student at Memorial, pursuing her Bachelors in Biochemistry (Nutrition) and Business Administration. When not obsessing over Muse-related work, she serves as the President of the International Student Resource Centre and actively volunteers with the Canadian Cancer Society. She loves cooking, story-books, traveling and spending quality time with loved ones. This Potterhead also believes that the world can use as much kindness as it can find and lives her life modeled off “As long as there is life, there is hope.”

Alanna Harriot
Lifestyle & Opinions Editor
Alanna is an undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce (Co-op) degree. If she’s not writing for The Muse, she’s probably analyzing stocks at The Fund, and if she’s not at The Fund, she’s probably working at her co-op position at NATIONAL Public Relations. In whatever spare time she has, she likes to read, draw, cook and go on hikes with friends. She hails from Malaysia and is always cold.

Modeline Nicholas Longjohn
Science & Sports Editor
Modeline Nicholas Longjohn is a PhD student in the department of Biochemistry, working on the role of nano particles called extracellular vesicles in the development of antibody producing B cells. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Genetics from the University of Liverpool and a master’s degree in Cancer Biology from the Nottingham Trent University, both in the United Kingdom. She has previously published a novel– Orange Butterfly and a standalone Amazon short story under the pseudonym Lily-Anne Longjohn. She is the recipient of several grants and awards including first runner up, Memorial University 3 Minutes Thesis (3MT), 2018. Modeline loves reading, cooking and traveling.

Tim Parsons
Arts & Culture Editor
Tim Parsons is a St. John’s native, though many people say he has an accent. He’s been attending the Business Administration of MUN since 2014. He began as a volunteer with the Muse, before moving on to being the Sports editor on the 2018-2019 committee, currently serving as the Arts & Culture Editor for 2019-2020 and The Muse’s main movie critic. Tim’s cooking is to die for and he can often be found hosting Trivia Nights at Bitters, performing music for SEO or volunteering at The Fluvarium and Sandbox Gaming. He’s the funniest person in the world, according to him. He lives by the wise words of his father, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat”.


Brandon Godden
Business Manager
Brandon Godden has just graduated with a BBA from Memorial University. He has served as the Business Manager for more than two years now. He is hoping to return to MUN as a graduate student in a couple years time to finish his masters in business, in the meantime he’s working a second job with medavie blue cross as a claims analyst. He also forgot about prior commitments and will be unable to attend the first meeting of the semester but will bring timbits and coffee to the next meeting!

M. Abis Abbas
Production Manager
Abis Abbas is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Memorial.  He likes to engage with the student community and is currently serving as the Vice-President of the Pakistani Student Association.

Yousef Alabed
Director of Finance & Administration
Yousef Alabed is a 3rd year BBA student committed to bringing gratefulness, empathy, positivity and optimism to the community and society we live in. He is serving as the Representative for the Bachelor of Business Administration in the Faculty Council of Business for the year 2018-2019, apart from his position as the Director of Finance & Administration at The Muse.

General Writers

Allison Nicole Mills
General Writer
Allison is an undergraduate student currently pursuing her BA in Classics, English, and History. A serial workaholic, when she’s not working you can find her administrating as the President of the Anthropology Society, volunteering with the SPCA, or writing for the Muse. In her mythical spare time, she’s a lover of books, baking, and 80’s TV shows.

Ely Pittman
General Writer
Ely is an undergraduate student at Memorial pursuing a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English and minoring in French. When she’s not busy reading Harry Potter fanfiction, you can find her at Memorial’s Sexuality and Gender Advocacy group as the Director of External Affairs. Ely is a Slytherin to the core, a bibliophile, a blue slushie enthusiast, and a collector of all things Coraline. Ely also co-hosts CHMR’s Chatterbox, tutors at an elementary school, and runs the Gender Gear Initiative.

Hunter Richardson
General Writer
Hunter is an undergraduate student at Memorial in her second year of Communication Studies. At fourteen, she was published in an anthology of short stories called Northern Horizons and at seventeen she won the Mount Pearl Literary Arts Youth of the Year award for her writing. When she isn’t studying in the quiet area of the library, you can find her either running around Walmart, baking, writing for The Muse, tutoring, catching a movie at the mall, or spending time with her friends.

Haylee Freake
General Writer
Haylee is an undergraduate student completing her Bachelor of Arts, she is majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in English. She was born and raised in St. John’s, and is a very proud Newfoundlander. Haylee spends most of her time with her beagle, Razor, she loves being a dog mom and the two are always going different adventures. Haylee can always be found either writing essays for school, writing articles for the Muse or creating content for her own lifestyle blog

Tashinga Mudimu
General Writer
Tashinga is an energetic undergraduate pursuing his Bachelor of Business Administration program. He enjoys humor and is not afraid to act ridiculous if given the chance.


Terri Anna
Administration Executive
Terri is an undergraduate student completing her Bachelors with a Biochemistry (Nutrition) major and a Psychology minor in her pursuit to attend medical school. You may recognize her as the tiny girl who has kicked you out of The Breezeway. When she’s not working, you can find her acting as this year’s Co-President for the St. John’s chapter of Nu Delta Mu or hear her on her weekly CHMR radio show, “The Outlet Hour” every Wednesday afternoon. She believes in hard work, ambition, and organization – calling her type A is an understatement. She is obsessed with astrology, her cat, music, and saving the planet!

Maliha Tanjim Yuki
Administration Executive
Maliha is an undergraduate student at Memorial, pursuing a major in chemistry. She may come off as a shy and quiet person initially, but she happens to be boisterous and chatty (plus humorous) when you get to know her better. She fixes a serious face when she is done smiling so much that her cheeks start to hurt. Being a thoughtful girl who seldom pours out her thoughts in scraps of paper, she loves taking challenges, and is fond of books, travelling, stargazing, photography, music, and artwork.

Kristen Connolly
Administration Executive
Kristen is an undergraduate student at Memorial completing her final year of the Bachelor of Commerce (co-op) program with a focus in accounting. Although she spends most of her time studying in the business building, in her spare time she enjoys playing softball, reading, spending time with friends and traveling.

Rahma Tasnim
Administrative Executive
Rahma is an undergraduate student , studying Business. She is a very fun loving person who loves to read story books, learn new things and work.She firmly believes ‘Every small thing matters’  and ‘Hard work always pays off’.And her not-so-hidden desire is to travel a lot and get acquainted with new people and cultures.She not only wants to be successful but also wants to be a person who she herself can love, respect and be proud of.


Sharif Sircar
Sharif is an undergraduate student completing his Bachelor of Arts, he is majoring in Computer Science and might have helped you with your bike troubles at some point at MUN Bike share! He loves shooting landscape photos, looking for that next shot or idea every time he gets some time with himself and his camera.