Support Local: Student Art Edition!

The new year has started and with it comes new resolutions, a new semester, and new creations. Student-run small businesses have been up and coming over the last few years, and especially flourished over quarantine when many had nothing to do but channel their energy into art.

Fortunately, this spur of creativity has given many students a way to gain an extra income during a difficult time. For some, it added products to their business, and for others, it inspired them to start one!

Supporting local is especially important during this precarious time. Here are some art-based local businesses to support this year, all run by Memorial University students!

Hannah Jenkins – creativelyhannahjenkins

Hannah Jenkins is a fourth year English Literature student at Memorial University who creates beautiful craft décor out of disregarded books.

Hannah is also an author working with the Writers Association of NL mentorship program. To date, she has won a fiction contest for her short story “Coming Out”, had her piece “How to Succeed in Skip-Bo by Really, Really Trying” featured in WORD magazine, and is currently working on a poetry manuscript. You can find much more of Hannah’s inspirational work on her facebook page Hannah Jenkins – Writer, or her Instagram page creativelyhannahjenkins.

Pictured here is a collection of bookmarks, all made from discarded library books that were too damaged or outdated to be of use. She takes the spines and “gives them second lives as bookmarks”.

They are priced at $5 each and would make a great gift for the book-lovers in your life.

Yungrandma – Kris Bumstead

Kris Bumstead is a fourth year Anthropology student at Memorial University who has been knitting for as long as they can remember. They have created many knits ranging from scarves and hats to baby and dog clothes. Kris is also talented at crocheting and embroidery.

Kris is an avid knitter who can create just about anything and include special, unique touches. They use soft, colourful materials to make clothing and accessories that would be perfect for a Canadian winter!

They are currently taking commissions and can be contacted through their Facebook page or Instagram.

Pictured below are some beautiful pieces of knit-work from their Instagram.

Hridisha Arif – The HennaPhilic

Arif, “the HennaPhilic” provides creative and beautifully designed henna for all events, including parties, weddings, and other social events!

Henna is a dye from the leaves of the henna plant, Lawsonia Inermis, that temporarily stains your skin. It comes off in a reddish/brown tone, does not contain any harmful chemicals, and can last up to over a week! The henna is 100% natural and has therapeutic properties.

Some of Arif’s work from her Facebook page linked below.

Arif practices henna as a part of her South East Asian traditions and culture. You can book an appointment through phone, Facebook message, or email! You can find more information on her Facebook page, The HennaPhilic.

Cassidy Barry – LUXE Nail Spa

Cassidy Barry is a model, actress, and also a student at Memorial University. In 2020, she created the “Safer Self Campaign”, which spreads awareness and education on sexual violence and how to prevent it.

Cassidy started LUXE Nail Spa in 2018, and has been providing beautiful nail designs to her clients since then. LUXE also sells press-on nails for easy at-home nail application! You can find more of her designs on her instagram page.

You can book an appointment with her through Facebook or Instagram!

Tamera Hogan – Handcrafted by Tam

Tamera Hogan is a third year student at Memorial University who has a passion for teaching, literature, and creating.

In 2020, Tamera started her handcrafted clay earring business, selling beautiful and unique earrings that would compliment any outfit. These pieces are full of colour, eccentricity, and life!

Screen Shot 2021 01 07 at 9.05.39 PM

You can find her work and purchase some earrings on Facebook or Instagram.

Jenna-Wade Art

Jenna-Wade is a student at Memorial University who creates and sells original artwork. She makes greeting cards, stickers, prints, wooden signs, and more! She is also available for commissions, like the pet-portrait shown below.

Screen Shot 2021 01 07 at 8.53.08 PM
A beautiful custom pet portrait by Jenna-Wade. You can order one through her Etsy shop.

You can buy Jenna-Wade’s work from her Etsy shop and check out her creations on Facebook!

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