New App Provides Stories and History of Victoria Park

Victoria Park compressed

A new, interactive app has been released that allows users to learn about Victoria Park and experience old St. John’s. Created by Battery Radio, “STORYWALK-Victoria Park” is a free, GPS-based app that brings users local stories in numerous ‘hot spots’ that focus on the park’s history and heritage.

The app features stories narrated by several notable Newfoundlanders, including Mark Critch and Alan Hawco, just to name a few. Their tales include the rich history of the cascades and former swimming hole of the park, stories of the Riverhead veterans of WW1, and other stories that are sure to satisfy your curiosity.

Creator of the app, Chris Brookes, is an experienced documentary producer and owner of the Battery Radio production company. He says, “It was a pleasure to work the Victoria Park Foundation board and friends of the park while creating the “STORYWALK” app. Making the stories magically appear as you walk through the park has been a fun concept to bring to life”

As a member of the Victoria Park board, Mark Critch said, “We wanted visitors to get to know why so many people love the park. We wanted them to hear the stories of the people who grew up there, of the cascades that still run under the park, and who the people were on the Statue of the 100 Faces of the Great War. The app is like taking a stroll through the park with someone who grew up there. Even I learned a lot about the park through it. We have all seen information boards and plaques in parks in the past. But this felt more like a documentary or a podcast to me. It brings the history to life.”

Regarding the project’s funding, the regional Vice President of RBC for Newfoundland and Labrador, Colin Krulicki, stated “To us this project was about increasing accessibility to something important to our heritage.”

STORYWALK-Victoria Park is available to download on any IOS device through the App Store, and on Android devices from the Google Play store.

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