MUNSU’s Breezeway kicks off with huge turnout

IMG 3712
IMG 3712

This Wednesday, MUNSU organized its first event for the much-anticipated return of the Breezeway student bar located in the University Centre.  While the official “Grand Opening” is not slated until September 23rd, this past Wednesday night’s “Open Mic Kick-Off” proved to be a major hit.

The open mic portion of the event almost seemed to be eclipsed by a very enthusiastic atmosphere that flooded the room with vocal chatter and an excited mood- introducing some new customers to Breezeway’s business while reminding other older students of life before COVID-19. Throughout the floor, longtime friends regrouped in their former stomping grounds as other frosh students made new friendships at a bar which was totally new to them.

View from a busy billiards room

As the Breezeway continues to hire new staff for its return to full operations, the event allowed for a test run of the establishment which resulted in a max-capacity turnout with a line-up extended well through the first floor of the UC.  

IMG 3706
Line-up to the Breezeway, extending into the first floor space normally used for those awaiting buses.

Excited patrons lined the bar waiting for affordable pints while baristas and bartenders worked to stay afloat with high demand from customers. Many students also spoke enthusiastically about the Breezeway’s eventual daytime plans to serve coffee and offer a social space for studying.


If this week’s energetic revival is any indication of things to come (from both MUNSU and also their student bar specifically) then there are certainly good omens for campus life and the union’s ambitions this year. The difficulties of COVID-19 and previous financial challenges do not seem to be taking any wind away from the renewed Breezeway as it sets sail this month.

Jacob Laybolt
Jake is a graduate student, currently studying Employment Relations. In 2023, he completed his Honours BA in Political Science. He has worked with the Muse since 2018, covering student politics, labour organizing, and campus activism.