MUN Outdoor Summer Soccer Tournament

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This summer, a group of soccer enthusiasts, consisting mostly of international students, conjured up the idea of organizing an outdoor soccer tournament for the university community, thereby birthing the concept of MUN Outdoor Summer Soccer Tournament (MOSST). Initially, the plan was to have an indoor tournament for the month of May only. However, after thoughtful considerations, they decided to settle for two months of competitive soccer, to be played in the bright Newfoundland outdoors. Chris Ezema, who goes by the appellation Chris Raphael, is the brain child behind this tournament. Hailing all the way from Nigeria. Chris is a graduate student at the Faculty of Engineering.

Basically, we enjoy playing soccer, and have always done so. What struck the cord for us was the day we all finished playing at the gym; everyone loved it and wanted to play more, but we couldn’t due to limited booking. Chris suggested, jokingly, that if this was a tournament, we could have played all night. That was it! The next day, we started working on how to achieve this fit and here we are. 

-Christian Iroanyanwu, Manager of MOSST

As exciting as this news may be to any soccer enthusiast, it is important to note that the organizers are currently looking for sponsors who would partner with them to make this a reality. Currently, MOSST has the support of MUNSU, GSU, CleanZeal, and the OneAfrikca Show.

This event would tentatively consist of MUN students, both international and local, to form a team of sixteen (16) players with 5 of them sitting down as substitute players. However, it is to be noted that each individual team must consist of players sharing the same nationality. Registration opens on April 1st and there is a fee involved. 

For more information about MOSST, visit their Facebook page or contact the outreach person at [email protected] (or media relations [email protected], [email protected])

Reporter: Ugwuede Ikechukwu

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