MUN Chief Risk Officer: A tale of more than meets the eye, or not?


The position of Chief Risk officer, according to the Memorial university website is one that comes with certain core responsibilities. Foremost amongst these are ‘developing and implementing frameworks and systems to manage risk across the entire scope of the University, all in a manner that enables the University to fulfill its mission and strategic goals’. From the description, it’s a position with significant importance, especially since the Office of the Chief Risk officer (OCRO) reports to the University’s Vice President (Administration and Finance). This position comes with overseeing responsibilities over units including Campus Enforcement and Patrol (CEP), Enterprise Risk Management, and Environmental Health and Safety.

To match the importance of this position, the Chief Risk Officer as of 2018 earned about $189,500 (according to Newfoundland and Labrador’s Sunshine list). However, this position, which only came into existence in 2013 is currently vacant. From 2013 until 2018, this position was held by a Mr. Kristopher Parsons, who resigned in August, 2018.

This position is currently being filled in an interim capacity, but is yet to be permanently occupied. The salary tag, the role itself, and the duration of the vacancy begs the question: why is still position still empty? In the first place, why did the former occupant of the position leave? Attempts to get answers to these questions have so far not been fruitful, as reaching Mr. Parsons for comments has been so far furtile.

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