If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon: Review “A Powerhouse of a Thriller”

If Tomorrow Comes.

There are many ways to describe this novel however I believe the one that is most appropriate at this time would be “brilliant”. The numerous twists and turns will drive you to the very edge of your seat and leave you craving more. Sheldon’s incredible ability to use a simple plot with complicated and dynamic characters makes this one of the best pieces in his collection of novels.

Tracy is the protagonist in this story, and we follow her on a journey of growth, revenge and justice as she goes up against one of the most powerful mafia bosses in the country, Anthony Orsatti. Tracy’s lovable demeanour and hardworking attitude quickly attracts the sympathy and loyalty of the reader however this lovable façade that she has is simply that, a façade.

We soon realize that Tracy’s persona is like that one rollercoaster ride that you can never truly comprehend or prepare for. On one side of the spectrum she is a gentle kind-hearted woman simply looking for justice for those who have caused her pain. But on the other side she is an omniscient being, taking justice into her own hands.

It would be an understatement to say that this story would take you on an emotional roller-coaster because the experiences that Tracy endures through her journey to achieve justice for the evil doings of a few powerful people will shake you to your core. Not only will you feel like you’re right there beside Tracy, but you will watch her unravel and grow into a whole different character as she adapts to her changing circumstances.

The ending to this powerful story will leave you as the reader feeling satisfied with a sense of completion almost as if everything happened the way it was suppose to. However, it will also leave you with even more questions and wanting even more answers. Before going through this adventure, you must do two things. Firstly, be sure to clear up the rest of your schedule as you will not be able to put the novel down and secondly apologize to your friends and family in advance for the antisocial behaviour that’s going to follow. This is a must read especially for those of you who enjoy an incredible thriller that keeps you engaged through powerful character development and a steady build up of tension with an ending that leaves you wanting more.

Cover image credits: By Source, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=9419920

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