Getting active with the intramurals

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Photo Credit: The Works- MUN Intramurals (via Facebook)

An Interview with Claire Langille

Intramurals run from September to April at the Memorial University of Newfoundland.

It is open to any full-time student enrolled at MUNL, Marine Institute, or any university or staff member. It is a fun and meaningful way to engage with your peers while keeping active and fit.

To participate, you can reach out to your sports representatives. Usually, each residence and faculty have an elected sports representative. They are responsible for creating teams, ensuring students can participate in their selected activities. Students can also drop in at the Works to enroll, where an Intramural Coordinator will assist them.


For 2021-2022, The Works offered outdoor soccer, ultimate frisbee, and volleyball.

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To get an insight on Intramurals, we interviewed one of our favourite seahawks, Claire Langille

Claire is a second-year science student, a fantastic soccer player and a very bright student.

Question 1: Do you think that Intramurals are important?

Claire: I do think intramurals are important! They’re great for getting people involved and meeting people from your house and other houses. Plus, they’re an excellent way to keep active!

Question 2: You have recently joined the executive team in your residence. What are you hoping to get from this experience?

Claire: I joined the council because I wanted to get involved at school after a year of covid.

Question 3: Are you satisfied with the women’s representation?

Claire: I am satisfied with the representation, both with the sports reps individually and with our house. I think many people signed up for the intramurals, which is excellent!

Question 4: What do you think would increase interest in the Intramurals?

Claire: I think bigger crowds and more publicity would get more people involved. Having people to cheer you on makes any sport more fun. Maybe a few games a year with a ton of hype would help increase the number of fans and participants at each game!

Question 5: Are the players being provided with proper gear?

Claire: I think there seems to be enough gear for players… I haven’t been able to attend intramurals yet due to soccer, so I’m not the best person to ask on that one!

Question 6: What would you personally wish for when it comes to the intramurals?

Claire: I’d love to see people get more excited for games! Bigger crowds and more participation, even as a fan, would make intramurals more fun!

Question 7: What are sports for you?

Claire: Sports is my life. It gives me an escape from the wear and tear of school and other stresses in my life. Keeping active and having fun are two factors that provide sports with such a high priority.

Question 8: What is one piece of advice would you like to give everyone?

Claire: I think everyone should give walking a go. It sounds easy, but a good walk every day or every couple of days does wonder for your mood!! Plus, it’s an easy way to stay active.