Fridays For Future St. John’s holding climate strike this Friday

Climate strike
Climate strike

Friday’s For Future St. John’s is holding a protest this Friday, September 15th, to rally against the use of fossil fuels and the subsidization of fossil fuels, as well as raise awareness and create a dialogue surrounding climate change and its impacts in our province.

climate strike
Image credit: Fridays For Future St. John’s (via Facebook)

Importance for students

Sophie Shoemaker, a youth leader for the movement, states that it is especially important for students to attend and show their support for the movement, as climate change will affect our collective future.

Main goals

The protest has three main goals,

  1. End the subsidization of fossil fuels.
  2. For St. John’s to engage in community activities that support renewable energy.
  3. For MUN to divest.

Changes and challenges

Fridays For Future St. John’s claims that this year’s protest will be more accessible for individuals with mobility and sensory disabilities.


With the intention this year of capturing much more media attention, they assert that they will still be maintaining the core message and purpose of the movement.

Academic amnesty

A major hurdle for the St. John’s movement, in preparation for the strike, has been getting academic amnesty from the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District, which as of Tuesday, September 12th, has been approved, provided students bring a signed permission slip to school.

MUNL has granted academic amnesty to students attending the protest.

The strike will take place this Friday, September 15th, at 1pm, with all protesters meeting at the MUN clocktower.