Freaky (2020) Review

In a more murderous take on the Freaky Friday trope, Christopher Landon’s 2020 film Freaky starring Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton tells the story of a teenage girl, Millie (Newton), who swaps bodies with the town’s serial killer.

In this American comedy horror, Millie, in the body of the middle-aged “Blissfield Butcher”, must earn the trust of her friends and get her body back before the clock strikes midnight.

Vaughn and Newton’s talent comes forward in the film as the two stars play both the personality of a teenage girl and a blood-hungry serial killer.

With a thriller-adoring and completely biased opinion, I loved Freaky. It had the perfect amount of killing, gore, and comedy. Plus, Kat Newton playing a badass villain is never a bad idea. She played the role perfectly, channeling the eerie silence of a vengeful killer and serving up just as many cheeky facial expressions as she does dead bodies.

Vince Vaughn, of course, never fails to disappoint in comedy. His portrayal of the teenaged Millie is a great opposite to Newton’s “Blissfield Butcher”, complete with high-pitched shrieks and an awkward but charming scene with Millie’s love interest.

I wouldn’t recommend this film to anyone who is squeamish with gory death scenes. The movie opens with the gruesome death of a group of teenagers, all killed differently, with tons of blood to spare. With glass bottles, staking, chainsaw scenes, and even use of a cooling device, it is not for the gentle-hearted. For anyone considering watching, I would check out the content warnings for the film!

Check out the trailer for Landon’s Freaky below.

Check the website Does The Dog Die for a full list of content warnings for this film.

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