Flu Season: 7 things to know about Flu season


As winter approaches, community health authorities are raising awareness about the need to act proactively to prevent Flu outbreaks. Below are 7 things to know and do, as flu season approaches.

  1. This year’s vaccine protects against two strains of influenza A (H1N1 and H3N2) and two strains of influenza B (Victoria and Yamagata). 
  2. Getting the flu shot in the fall or early winter gives the body time to build up immunity. 
  3. On Monday, October 21, the regional health authorities began hosting free flu shot clinics and offering the vaccine through community health offices. For more information on scheduled clinic locations, people can visit the website of their respective regional health authorities or call 811.
  4. “The flu is more serious than people may realize. It can make a person sick for a long period of time. I encourage everyone to protect themselves and their families this flu season. The vaccine is the most effective way to prevent illness and control the spread of the virus.”Honourable John Haggie, Minister of Health and Community Services
  5. “The flu shot is recommended to everyone over the age of six months. It is especially important for people who are at higher risk from the complications of influenza. This includes pregnant women, those with chronic conditions, and those over the age of 65. We also encourage parents to vaccinate their children as the flu can spread rapidly through the pre-school and school-aged populations.” Dr. Janice Fitzgerald, Medical Officer of Health 
  6. Nearest places for Flu Shots for MUN students include the student wellness and counseling centre.
  7. Even if you a Flu shot last flu season, you need to get another shot this reason. Reason: The prevalent influenza virus strain varies from season to season.

Here is to a flu-free winter.

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