Drink & Movie – Cineplex’s New Licence to Thrill

Cineplex has been at the head of a province-wide controversy in the last week, which has Newfoundlanders worried about the possible consequences. The Scotiabank Theatre has recently obtained a licence to sell alcohol at the concession stand, and while they are limited to beer and wine, there are some that continue to worry.

When polled on their opinion of whether or not Cineplex should be able to sell alcohol, 74% said yes.

73% said that the limit to wine and beer didn’t matter.

Finally, 83% said they would not mind it if they saw people drinking in the theatre.

In each poll, majority rules that a considerable number of people are open to the idea of getting a drink at the theatre. However, others are completely opposed, worried about the potential increase of drunk driving.

What many Newfoundlanders may not realise is that this is a common sight in other parts of Canada, as well as the US. Having not known the difference, it is strange to see that we are ultimately the outliers in this equation. It is rumoured that there will be a limit of two drinks per person, per sale, although Cineplex has not commented on that limit as of the time of writing this.

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