Creating Sustainability: Active Transportation

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Spring is officially here! With warmer weather right around the corner, it is easier to make sustainable choices every day.

Fuel emissions from cars are a large contributor to climate change. Choosing to walk to school or work is not only a great way to save on gas but also a step towards a greener future and a perfect way to meet your fitness goals. Use a fitness tracker app or fitbit to track your progress!

A more time-efficient option is to ride your bike. According to Bike St. John’s (Why-Ride), there are numerous benefits to cycling in the city. Cycling gives independence and saves money on fuel, insurance, and licenses. You will also save time looking for parking! Active transportation is highly economical and environmentally friendly.

Life is busy enough without having to set aside extra time for exercise. Choosing active transportation will help you enjoy a healthier lifestyle while saving on gas emissions and reducing your carbon footprint. Next time the weather is nice, consider walking or riding your bike so we can all breathe a little easier.

Alternatively, using public transit, carpooling, or switching to hybrid or electric cars can make a big difference. Every small effort can make a big impact.

For more information on cycling in St. John’s, visit:

Article courtesy of the Graduate Sustainability Society (GSS), MUN.

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