Correction: MUN Deregisters Student Because of Alleged Failure to Provide Vaccine Exemption Forms

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Rhonda Guay

Hi Emma, the title of your article is ok but not quite clear for the readers. MUN de-registered by son because they said he did not provide his exemption documents. He absolutely did provide them to multiple MUN departments on several occasions. All this young man wants to do is get an education but now he is even blocked online from doing so; yes, folks, you read that correctly – blocked! Did you speak to Ryan before writing this article?

Hayley Whelan

Hi Rhonda!

Thank you very much for the clarification. Unfortunately, in our rush to get this piece out I (the editor) overlooked this error. I will take down the article and re-work it to reflect the truth. Our intention was to give publicity to the issue, which makes getting the details right a complete necessity. Thank you again for your correction.

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