Christmas Movies To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

It’s finally December, and with that, comes the routine of settling down to write final papers, study for exams, and finally catch up on those dreaded discussion posts. This Christmas is surely a different one (with some people even calling it COVIDmas), but that doesn’t mean we can’t find happiness in one of our favourite ways: marathoning Christmas movies!

Of course, we have our all-time classics like Favreau’s Elf, Roth’s Christmas with the Cranks, and Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas (which will forever hold a spot in the kitchen-table debate of “is it a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie?!”).

Still, every year, we get a new onslaught of cheese-filled, cliched Christmas movies. Instead of re-watching our favourite classics to the point of obsession, here are some films to switch up this already switched-up Christmas!

First, we have The Princess Switch: Switched Again, a new addition to the Princess Switch universe starring Vanessa Hudgens. In this new Christmas film, the lovable duo of baker-turned-Princess Stacy and Duchess Margaret become a trio when the dramatic Fiona makes an appearance to stir things up.

Next up is Holidate, starring American Horror Story’s Emma Roberts. In this Christmas comedy, Sloane and Jackson bring the well-loved trope of “fate-dating” to life when they decide to be each others go-to date for every holiday. The film follows the pair as they spend each holiday together, from one Christmas to the next!

In a more YA telling of festivities, Netflix’s new Christmas series Dash & Lily follows two teenagers as they pass a journal back-and-forth throughout New York City. In a short and sweet series of only eight episodes, this Christmas romance begs to be marathoned.

For those who like both reality-TV and baking, Netflix’s Sugar Rush is back with a second season of its Christmas edition! In a series of treat-related competitions, Sugar Rush makes a perfect companion to the 2018 film The Princess Switch, bringing a holiday bake-off to life.

Finally, I’ll recommend one of my personal favourites: Hulu’s Happiest Season! Starring two of our favourite actresses Kristen Stewart and Aubrey Plaza, Happiest Season tells the story of Abby (Kristen Stewart) who wishes to surprise her girlfriend Harper (Mackenzie Davis) by proposing to her on Christmas morning. However, on the way there, Harper reveals she has not yet come out to her conservative, small-town family, asking her to instead act as her straight roommate.

Despite being produced by the American-only streaming service Hulu, you can find Happiest Season on Apple TV (iTunes), Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, and the Cineplex Store.

It’s only the beginning of December, and we already have tons of new Christmas specials to enjoy. So, while you sit down and prep for exams, don’t forget to pencil in some time for festivities! Get your present wrapping supplies, start baking, or simply curl up with a cup of hot chocolate, and marathon your worries away.

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