Binge Watching on a Budget

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As of this year, the trend of binge watching has become extremely popular. I myself am a victim of this phenomenon, watching entire seasons of shows like Daredevil, Our Planet, and Be Our Chef in two or three days. The problem with a lot of these binge-worthy shows is that you have to pay for them. True, most of the streaming services offer trial subscriptions, but having one free month is not enough to keep up with many of the shows that might peak your interest. Luckily, there are plenty of free services that are sure to keep your watching appetite satisfied.

There is no shortage of producers that offer educational and informative material. If you want to learn about the myriad of people and countries we share this planet with, one of the most entertaining shows to watch is Geography Now. Hosted by Paul B., also known as Barby, this channel looks at the geography, demographics, and politics of every country on Earth. Paul often brings in friends from the countries he summarizes to bring a more personal view to the features of the country. The latest video covered Singapore, so he’s not completely done yet, but with more than 100 countries summarized, there’s more than enough entertainment to keep you occupied for a few days.
You can find Geography Now at

Let say you’re a wildlife enthusiast, like me, who’s also a nerd, also like me. The perfect blend of these two interests are on full display with TierZoo. TierZoo brings a competitive video game approach to the variety of different species, or builds, that inhabit the natural world. Many of the videos are tier lists, ranking animals in certain environments or zoological families. Ever wonder which animal is best suited to living in human cities? Or answer the age of question of which bear is best? Now you can with a unique perspective of the natural world! Tierzoo’s channel can be found here:

One of my personal favourite kinds of television is cooking shows. Watching professionals at work definitely get the culinary juices flowing and the stomach grumbling. Luckily, one of the greatest celebrity chefs lets us take his cooking expertise on the go. Gordon Ramsay’s Youtube channel has a multitude of cooking videos to instruct some great meals for you to try. Chef Ramsay’s channel can be found here:

If you’re looking for a service that offers modern and classic movies and series, look no further than Tubi TV and Popcorn Flix. It’s best to describe these sites in two words, free Netflix. Both of these websites offer many modern hits and classic entertainment in all genres. You might not find many new releases and much of the selection is cheesy B movies, but honestly that’s part of it’s charm. A free service that can still provide endless hours of entertainment, whether it be binge-watching shows like Kitchen Nightmares and The Three Stooges, or underrated films like Train to Busan, Better Watch Out, and The Plague Dogs, or even the multitude of cheesy, cheap, but hilarious shark movies. All these and more can be found at and

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

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