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Art Specialist Rob Cowley Talks Appraisals, Canadian Masterpieces

The president of Canadian Consignor Fine Art, Rob Cowley, stopped by the Muse offices a few days back to show off some Maud Lewis originals and talk about the upcoming appraisal event happening here in St. Johns. We asked him…

Meet Alyssa Gulliford, Candidate for Executive Director of Student Life

Alyssa Gulliford is a contender for the Executive Director of Student Life in the upcoming MUNSU elections, to be held on the 19th and 20th of March. Her experience with MUNSU largely stems from being a Humanities and Social Sciences…

Thousands of Students Petition For Better Food Quality at MUN D-Hall

A change.org petition entitled “Better Food Quality by MUN Dining Services/Aramark” has reached over 2000 signatures at the time of this article’s publication. Outrage over the condition of food served at dining hall has increased over the past few months…

Presenting John Godfrey, Candidate for Executive Director of Advocacy

John is running for re-election in their position as the Executive Director of Advocacy. People operating under this title are responsible for sticking up for marginalized and underprivileged students, and here is what John had to say about their experiences…

Get to Know Derek Robert Semerad, Candidate for Executive Director of Student Life

Derek is someone who’s been involved and volunteering with various on and off-campus organizations for quite a while. You may know him if you’ve spent time with the German Society, or with MUN SAGA (Derek was an elected union leader…

A Conversation With Matthew Barter, Former MUNSU Figure and Vocal U-PASS Vote Critic

Matthew Barter discusses the bias of the U-Pass marketing and voting system, drawing attention to alternative ways of implementing the U-Pass.


The results of the online U-Pass votes have been tabulated, revealing that 71% of students are not in favour of mandatory increased tuition in exchange for a bus pass. The official statement from Memorial reads as follows: “University administration will…

ISC Presents 33rd Annual Multicultural Show

International Student Resource Centre at MUN to host 33rd annual Multicultural Show.

Japanese Culture Club’s Maid Cafe Event a Roaring Success

An interview with the president of the Memorial Japanese Culture Club, following their latest successful event- Maid Cafe.

Provincial Day of Action Rally: Fund the Future

Memorial University students congregate to raise their voices against funding and tuition issues on campus.