Gryphon Clark
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Gryphon Clark is a 2SLGBTQIA+ identifying Folklore student at Memorial University. Gryphon is studying part-time while working in an academic library. Their goal is to combine the interests of information and books with studying culture and people.

Have You Ever Thought About St. Patrick’s Day Around the World?

Photo Credit: Benjamin Rascoe (via Unsplash) Originally, St. Patrick’s Day was an incredibly religious celebration or was treated as one before the drinking and merriment started in earnest. You can access a sermon from the Memorial University library by a…

Assigned Sex and Chosen Gender Identity

Photo Credit: Patrick Fore (via Unsplash), Sharon McCutcheon (via Unsplash) A few disclaimers to start: This article is meant to introduce the differences between assigned sex and chosen gender identity. It is not intended to be exhaustive, and you are highly…