Alanna Harriot
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Student Survival Guide: Winter Edition

It’s time to accept it: Winter is upon us, accompanied by hot chocolate, presents, the never-ending litany of Christmas music and a shivery cold. While there are a lot of wonderful things about winter, and especially about the Christmas holidays…

Student Survival Guide: Keeping a Budget

We’ve all been there. Getting $50 worth of Domino’s delivered because you’ve had a long day and want to pig out? Blowing another $50 on a night at George Street because it’s Friday and hey, what else would you be…

An Interview with NL Country Singer Jason Benoit

In this interview, Jason talks about his upcoming EP called Jason Benoit Revolution: Part I, the process behind it and what advice he would give to aspiring NL musicians.

Everything You Need to Know About Voting in the Upcoming MUNSU General Elections

Learn where, when and how you can vote in the upcoming elections!

Local Fundraiser “How to Fill a Food Bank” Filled with Love

The St. John’s Farmer’s Market found itself packed on a Tuesday night as locals came out to support “How to Fill a Food Bank”, a local fundraiser aimed at helping Newfoundland’s Community Food Sharing Association (CFSA) recover from a fire…

Superpowers Student Leadership Conference 2019

For a second year in a row, Memorial University Student Experience Office organized a leadership development conference, aimed at helping students identify and harness their key strengths and competencies for the achievement of set goals. The conference is designed in…