Advocacy for Work-Life Balance: MUNL Engineering Students Speak Out

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As a nursing student, I highly related to the quote “creating workaholics instead of healthy engineers.” I am burnt out before I even start working in my field. We don’t get paid for our clinical rotations. The school work is exhausting and stressful. Students have reported feeling ill or unable to sleep before clinical. Preceptorship & Independence is weeks of shift work that we don’t get paid for. It is very hard to balance a second paying job to make money, while already working shift work for no pay. Then, we’re still expected to balance theory classes and labs as well. I also have been diagnosed with anxiety & depression within the last few months. While I have never had issues with my mental health before, I believe it is the added stress, pressure and expectations of my studies that has caused a decrease in my well-being. I sympathize with the engineering students. This pandemic has made intense programs more stressful. Too often it feels like the expectations of school are too much to balance with other life issues. While majority of our faculty is flexible and promotes resources, there are some faculty members that make you feel like you’re walking on eggshells.

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