The Muse is Memorial University’s student run newspaper, and is the only current student run newspaper in the province. The Muse was established in 1950 as a successor to the Memorial Times which was established in 1936. When the Muse is in print distribution, it circulates 10,000 copies during the fall and winter semesters throughout the university, other colleges and institutions, and local businesses and organizations. Currently the Muse is only publishing online content for 2017 fall semester but hopes to be back in print circulation by the 2018 winter semester.


The Muse publishes content under section such as News, Arts and Culture, Opinions, Science and Technology, Sports and Health, and Lifestyle, and is expanding its web presence with more columns, blogs, and creative writing content. There are opportunities available for volunteers, as well as paid positions with The Muse. There are a number of previous contributors and editors from The Muse who have gone on to establish successful careers in local and national media outlets including VOC M, CBC, Oz FM, and the Toronto Sun.


The Muse holds general meetings every Monday during the fall and winter semesters in UC 2002 at 6:00 PM. All are welcome to attend these meetings. The Muse host workshops, information sessions, and hosts guest speakers in order to help staff and volunteers hone in on their journalistic skills in specific areas such as interviewing, converting interviews to articles, editing and revising, photojournalism, and writing advertising. Check out our Events section for upcoming sessions and workshops.


Phone: 864-8919
Email: chief@themuse.ca
Web: www.themuse.ca
Office: UC-2002