MUNSU Election Nominations Now Open


It’s that time of year again: the nomination period for the MUNSU General Election has arrived. Any student is able to nominate themselves for a Faculty, Constituency Representative, or Executive Director Position. 

For students who wish to join MUN’s Student Union, you have from now until March 1st to place an application here.

Interested in running for MUNSU?

On the one hand, the positions of Faculty Representative and Constituency Representative are slightly less involved. The position Faculty Representative allows a student to represent their faculty, such as Business Administration and Medicine. Constituency Representative applicants are for positions that involve broader groups of Memorial students, such as First Year Students and Indigenous Students representatives. Both of these positions are open to anyone who with to apply. These positions require attending weekly meetings and working closely with your Faculty or Constituency group.

On the other hand, there are Executive Director positions. These positions require much more dedication and responsibility. The position involves a 35 hour work week, where representatives must work closely with various committees. These positions also require that the candidates only take 3 courses per semester in the Spring, Fall, and Winter.

Voting in the election

The election’s voting period will take place March 15th-16th. Students are able to vote for their preferred candidate using their MUN Self Service account. The Student Main Page has an option for MUNSU Webvote, which students can access during the voting period to place their votes.

Please visit the MUNSU Facebook page to stay up to date on the election and for any information you may require.

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