MUN students brave the rain to protest for free and accessible education

Student day of action protesters
Protest Cover Photo

“The rain sucks, the tuition sucks more,” chanted MUN students on November 8th as they protested for free and accessible post-secondary education.

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Photo credit: Olivia Harrhy

Protesters marched from the MUN clock tower to the confederation building, rain poncho-clad, with an energy so electric the weather became an afterthought.

day of action
Photo credit: Anasophie Vallée

Students chanted against tuition fees, tuition hikes, and administrative bloat, highlighting the importance of coming together democratically to enact change.

CNA students joined MUN students in protest as they arrived at the confederation building, gathering to listen to a handful of speakers.

Day of action john
Director of external affairs John Harris (photo credit: Bruce March)

The speakers included John Harris, MUNSU’s executive director of external affairs, Sanazgoli Javanbakht, GSU’s executive director of communications, and Aiden Parsons, president of MISU.

Photo credit: Anasophie Vallée

Protest demands

  1. Free education for all
  2. Education justice for all
  3. Grants instead of loans


Last year, the all ‘All Out Like ’99’ protest against tuition hikes saw success with MUN eliminating the $50 campus renewal fee.

MUN students believe in the power of collective student action, hoping to enact further change through their protest efforts.

Olivia Harrhy
Olivia is a 4th-year Communication Studies and Sociology student at MUN. Fostering a passion for reading and writing since a young age, she is now pursuing a career in journalism.