Want to get involved? Good Call.

Every week students just like you create one of the biggest newspapers in St. John’s. They get to meet the personalities behind the news and learn about their campus and community. The content they produce gets people talking week after week.

The Muse is always looking for new volunteers to inject their talents into the paper. Want to get your voice out there? Want to write about issues the local media isn’t? The Muse is the place for those interested in taking risks, having a good time, and delivering an intelligent, fresh student publication every week.

As a volunteer you’ll get real experience in the newspaper industry and have a lot of fun doing it. Plus, many of our volunteers end up getting jobs at the paper down the road.

But it doesn’t stop there. In the over 60-year-long history of the paper, many of our contributors have gone on to successful careers in media and beyond.

Two Newfoundland and Labrador premiers, many local print and broadcast journalists, and even Great Big Sea’s drummer got their start at the paper.

But what about me? I’m not a writer.

The Muse is a completely student-run organization, and while the writing is our most obvious job for volunteers, there’s lots of work going on behind the scenes, on the visual side of the paper, and online.

Like finances, spreadsheets, and advertising? The Muse could use a few business-types to come in and sell ads to help out our business manager.

Like graphic design or photography? Contact our production manager or photo editor. Know a bit about websites? Work with our webmaster.

There’s also other holes you can fill. Got a knack for comics? What about editorial cartoons?

We’re also looking for volunteers to do podcasting, blogging, and video.

There’s a place for almost everyone at the Muse – except slackers, of course.

Email the chief@themuse.ca to get started today!

During the Fall and Winter semesters, the Muse has general meetings every Monday at 5 PM in our offices (UC 2002)

During the Spring semester, the Muse will have meetings every couple of weeks. The next two planned are:

Wednesday, June 12th at 6 PM.
Wednesday, July 3 at 6 PM.