Tonya Roberts

Thursday’s Wellness Fair was one that came fully equipped with tasty samples, an endless supply of literature on ways to improve your health and wellbeing, and the sweetest therapy dogs.

Strategic placement by St. John Ambulance ensured that you were met by an array of sweet puppy faces the moment you walked through the door – in case you missed the allergy alerts placed at the entrances.  SJA offers their Therapy Dog Program to an array of organizations and individuals.  Looking for an effective way to lower stress and anxiety? Get more information here on how you can get in on the sweetest form of therapy available.

If you were able to tear yourself away from the endless supply of puppy kisses, you would’ve found an array of hosts waiting to share their wealth of knowledge on everything that was health and wellness.

The girls from Get Your Freak On Fitness were sharing schedules and free passes for women looking for a new and fun way to work out. Girls, you really need to check out their new Vixen class – offered from beginner to ‘Phase Two’–it’s an incredible dance workout that adds a little sexy where Zumba and DanceFit add the fun.

Right next to GYFOF, was LunchIn with mouth-watering lunch options that are healthy, budget-friendly, and conveniently delivered – even on campus!  You can place a one-time order or subscribe to one of their 14 lunch choices (all customizable).  They weren’t alone with the wholesome food options, though. Simply for Life and Aramark were also on hand with registered Dieticians who were armed with recipes and information on serving sizes, essential nutritional facts, and fitness dos and don’ts.

Upstairs you’d find Healing NL and Sacred Waves with a colourful arrangement of crystals on display, to which Ms. Deborah O’Reilly kindly offered explanations for.  For those of you who remain slightly skeptical of the powers, crystals have, listening to Ms. O’Reilly speak would most definitely give you food for thought.

The Canadian Mental Health Association was also on site with a vast amount of information and a host who was eager to answer any and all questions. Grant Fitzpatrick, an education facilitator with CMHA, was left to himself as many folks glanced at the array of information he had available and quickly moved away.  Fitzpatrick wasn’t put off though, as he explained that this was a common occurrence in his line of work.

These are just a sample of the many hosts that took part in the Wellness Fair. From food to fitness they had you covered. Be it mental, physical, or spiritual wellness, there was someone on hand to offer their expertise, answer your questions, and even offer complimentary tips and tricks to a healthier and happier you.