The US Government recently ended its shut down. This was achieved largely by way of the Democrats selling out the hundreds of thousands of people known as “dreamers”. These people are technically in the country illegally but are protected under DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) for the time being. If President Trump and the Republicans have their druthers, these people will be deported. Some already have been.

I won’t get into a big thing about what makes a citizen a citizen, because who cares? No, instead I want to issue a gentle reminder about immigration and borders. Are you listening? Borders are bloody imaginary. They’re made up! They are as natural as a coffee enema. They are the product of colonial expansion, born out of a desire to control territory and segregate populations.

Remember the British Empire? Do you know how they decided where borders were? Say, Reginald, put the bleeding thing here. Just, poof! Borders. They cut through the Middle-East as though it were a jigsaw puzzle for them to spend an afternoon lazily passing time with. Now, disputed borders in places like Israel have led to the deaths of thousands of people who are trying to tell each other they do not belong. The wild thing about it all is, bear with me here, they all belong! It’s land. It should be shared and cultivated responsibly.

Which brings us back to the United States. What exactly is the nation afraid of? Terrorism? Bad news, because some of the most prolific terrorists in American history were domestic born. Timothy McVeigh, Ted Kaczynski, and pick anyone one of an almost infinite number of massacres carried out in the last five years by white dudes born in the United States. Perhaps just jettison those people into the sun, and let the Dreamers continue to make America a prosperous nation.

In our globalized world, what sense does it make to still jealously guard borders in this way? They’re made up lines. People should be allowed to walk over the fucking things. Trace the idea of borders all the way back and you’ll find that the idea has about as much validity as would my deciding that a 30-foot radius on the Trans-Canada Highway was mine.

Borders began popping up thousands of years ago so empires could jealously guard their wealth and expand their territory. Now, in 500 BCE, this made some sense. People didn’t know how far they could go  Eastward before falling off the Earth, and they were rightly suspicious of Barbarian armies. In 2018, however, jealously guarding territory has simply led to more strife and more tension between nations.

Let people into your countries. Don’t be so spectacularly stupid about this.

By: Thomas Penney
Photo by: Idobi