If you’re like Brittany Lennox, you noticed that 2017 was a tough year for marginalized persons, including women and non-binary people. From the urgency felt by many attending the Women’s March to the stream of high profile sexual assault cases in the media, it seemed like we were in for a cultural reckoning of sorts.

Lennox asked friends to help her come up with an event that would help people celebrate each other’s talents and have some fun. Lennox is not on the MUNSU board, but she approached the executive with the idea and on Friday, January 19, “Nasty Witches,” an open-mic style event at Memorial’s undergraduate student bar, the Breezeway, did just that.

“I asked my Facebook feminist fam to help me come up with a name for an event at The Breezeway specifically for women and non-binary people to show off their talent. ‘Nasty Witches’ was suggested and I was inspired. I focused the theme on collective/self-care and loving yourself. The Breezeway was covered in posters reminding attendees to enter 2018 loving themselves as well as other women and non-binary people,” said Lennox.

 “Nasty Witches” was an opportunity to focus on the positive. “I think sometimes we just need to carve out space to make people feel more comfortable being powerful, artistic, silly, and whatever emotions we sometimes cover up because we don’t feel welcome,” said Lennox. “I just wanted to reserve a night where other types of people might feel more adventurous on the stage — after the year we all had, it was just time for a bit of non-judgmental fun.”

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By: Natalie Dignam