As soon as they picked up their instruments, you could tell this would be a good show. Before they even made a sound, you could feel the energy and excitement. The Florian Hoefner Trio, made up of Newfoundland native Jim Vivian on double bass, Nick Fraser on drums and, of course, Florian Hoefner on piano, performed on Friday, January 19, 2018 in the D.F. Cook recital hall at Memorial’s School of Music.

The trio played a range of compositions, from world-premiere performances and original pieces. Also included were jazz versions of Newfoundland jigs and a fiddle tune written by a German composer. In the fiddle tune adaptation, the double bass started and ended the piece with a simple playing of the original fiddle melody, which provided a nice link to the original. The first piece was originally written for a quartet rather than a trio and showed a small tidbit of what the trio had up their sleeve for the rest of the performance. Fraser used not only wooden drumsticks but also metal brushes and his hands. His unexpected use of all his instruments made the performance even more interesting.

The trio’s original compositions, included a piece titled “First Spring.” Which was written during Hoefner’s son’s first spring. The composition made great use of the double bass’ middle and upper registers; a technique that made it feel light.

The Florian Trio performed at the Black Sheep on Friday, January 27 at 7 p.m. You can also check out a full schedule of upcoming shows and events with the MUN Music Department online here.

By: Hannah Sheppard