November 27, 2017
By: Kristopher Smith

Quintana’s & Arribas, located in Churchill Square, recently celebrated their thirty-seventh anniversary in business. With so much in the news about the state of the economy in Newfoundland as well as established businesses closing after many years, The Muse felt it would be appropriate to spotlight a business that seems to be thriving. Robin Ennis and her partner Adam Carroll recently took ownership of Quintana’s & Arribas in April 2017.

During the first week of November, Quintana’s & Arribas celebrated the milestone anniversary with specials, tapas and prices. “It was a great weekend!” said Ennis. “It was great to celebrate this with all our customers.”

Quintana’s & Arribas are actually two separate restaurants with the same owners. Quintana’s is the restaurant in Churchill Square that serves Tex-Mex dishes and Arribas is the bar and restaurant upstairs. Quintana’s & Arribas have taco and nacho nights every Tuesday from 4:30-8:00 p.m. along with drink specials, and Happy Hour runs from Wednesday to Friday, 4:30-7:00 p.m. Arribas is also available for private functions, parties or meetings. They make chips and salsa that customers can find at Dominion and Sobeys locations throughout the city as well as at Costco. They also sell take-out chicken and cheese burritos in store.

The original owner of Quintana’s & Arribas first opened Casa Grande (that name can still be found on the chips and salsa that Quintana’s sells in grocery stores) on Duckworth Street in 1980 before changing the name and moving to the current location in Churchill Square in 2001.

Ennis says she and Carroll have made “a few small changes, but nothing major, as [they] wanted to keep a smooth transition.” She noted the Tuesday taco and nacho nights as one new offering.

While businesses in St. John’s have certainly felt the effects of the current economy, Quintana’s & Arribas has continued to experience success. Ennis says that the restaurants have been able to maintain a positive reputation in the community. “Our customers know what to expect and can count on getting quality food and service,” said Ennis. She also notes that in the time since Quintana’s opened, the restaurant has seen their “regulars grow from children to teens to adults to young families,” which has to feel good enough to throw a fiesta over.