November 14, 2017
By:Jacqueline Wong

The MUNSU by-election, which elected representatives to fill the vacant positions on the MUNSU Board of Directors, occurred this past Tuesday and Wednesday, with the winners announced Wednesday night.

The newly elected Queer Students’ Representative is Derek Semerad. Semerad acquired the position by a very small margin, beating opponent Morgan Simms by only eight votes.

The new Students with Disabilities’ representative is Alison Kavanagh, who will represent the Disabilities Information and Support Centre.

The new Executive Director of Campaigns is Brad Greeley, who will facilitate and assist all the clubs and societies on campus with their campaigns, concerns, and issues in the wider campaigns of the Union.

Four positions were also filled by candidates who were running without opponents. Christina Tran is the new Pharmacy Rep. The Education Rep position was filled by Hannah Delany. The new representative for Paton College is Tristan Philipson, and the new Burton’s Pond Rep is Sagnik Ghosh.

After the announcement, the elected Brad Greeley felt unbelievable, he said. “Disbelief. It still has not sunk in. I was running against such strong, amazing candidates. It really could have gone either way.” When asked about his goals for this year in his position, he replied “First and foremost, I need to get caught up. The union has been without a Director of Campaigns for over two months now. It will be a big difference to have another exec around the table. The by-election is much different from the general; I have much less time to work with. I have to set attainable goals that inch myself and union closer and closer to the direction we need to go in, such as stronger mental health initiatives.”

MUNSU By-election 2017 Results

Contested Positions:

Queer Students’ Rep: 

Derek Semerad (154) – ELECTED

Morgan Simms (146)

Students with Disabilities’ Rep:

Alison Kavanagh (186) – ELECTED

Andrew Nash (88)

Executive Director of Campaigns:

Brad Greeley (178) – ELECTED

Kyekue Mweemba (122)

Adele Power (104)

Acclaimed Positions:

Pharmacy Rep-Christina Tran

Education Rep-Hannah Delany

Paton College Rep- Tristan Philipson

Burton’s Pond Rep-Sagnik Ghosh