October 23, 2017
Thomas Penney

After waiting for more than a month to find out what the National Basketball League’s (NBL) newest franchise will be called, fans have their answer. In an event at McDonald Drive Junior High, members of the coaching staff and front office revealed the St. John’s Edge, along with their new logo. This announcement comes at a time where the team still has no players, making it reminiscent of the XFL announcement.

In a press release, John Graham of Atlantic Sports Enterprises LTD said, “With today’s announcement our franchise now has an identity of which we are very proud and we feel that the St. John’s Edge will become an important part of the community in the city of St. John’s and throughout the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.” He went on to say, “We wanted to have a name and a logo which shared a connection with Newfoundland and Labrador’s geographical location while showcasing the rich heritage of the region. We were also keen to develop a brand which will identify with fans of all ages and bring with it a level of excitement, passion, and spirit as we get ready for our inaugural season.”

The logo, which promises to evoke feelings of pride and loyalty in Newfoundlanders, was designed by Jeff Parsons of Imaging by Guido. In place of a long, convoluted description of the logo, we have elected to just show you.

The logo is meant to make a connection with Newfoundland’s proximity to the sea and is meant to look like a compass.

With the team name and logo now official, all that is left for the team is to find the players. After that, it will be to make a push for ticket sales. For years, Newfoundlanders have been clamouring for something like this, a new product that brings excitement to the province. As K-Rock morning show host JLaC put it, it’s on fans to make this work now. His criticisms of the fan base might be unfounded, however. While both iterations of the Ice Caps moved on, it was due to reasons beyond the control of fans. Attendance fell in each versions’ final season, as can be expected. It’s hard to get up to support a team you know will not be here. With ownership making, ostensibly, a multi-year commitment to grow the brand here in St. John’s there is finally an opportunity for the City to have a local sports team it can get behind.