October 17, 2017
Kristopher Smith

If you are looking for a break from mid-terms and you can’t wait for Mardi Gras, Riveting Productions will be putting off their second annual showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Johnson Geo Centre this Thursday and Friday.

This production, titled Rocky Horror Picture Show: Shadow Cast, promises to be quite the unique event. For those who are unaware, a shadow cast is when a group of performers act out a script in front of a movie screen using the audio and visual from the movie in the background. “The performers mimic what is on the screen on stage,” says Stephanie Curran, a fifth year Memorial University student studying Performance and Communications Media. “Audience members have the option to use props and interact with the performers all night in the ‘danger zone’ seating,” she says. For example, audience members can follow the Criminologist character and shout out memorable lines from this cult classic film.


Curran, who plays the role of Trixie and directs Shadow Cast, is no stranger to the director’s chair, having helmed four other projects with Riveting Productions, a company that she co-owns. She is presiding over a cast of about 15 performers, over half of whom are students or employees at MUN.

Although the event will definitely provide an entertaining night out, there is also a socially conscious agenda. Stephanie says, “[w]e do this show as a shout out to the LGBTQ+ community and promoting self-love and acceptance.”

Rocky Horror Picture Show: Shadow Cast takes place at the Johnson Geo Centre on October 19 and 20. Tickets for this 19+ event are on sale now for $25 and can be purchased online at https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/rocky-horror-shadow-cast-tickets-36317069332?aff=es2

For more information about the event as well as the costume contest that is also being held, check out Rocky Horror Picture Show: Shadow Cast’s Facebook page.