October 9, 2017
By – Natalie Dignam

Don’t miss out on the 2017 St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival (SJIWFF). From October 18 to 22, films by female directors from around the world will be screened at the LSPU Hall, the Scotiabank Theatre at the Avalon Mall’s Cineplex, and The Rooms museum. You won’t have to break the bank to watch awesome shorts, not-so-shorts, panels, Q&A’s or even pitch your own film ideas: student tickets for screenings at the LSPU Hall are just $12.50, forums and panels are $15.50, and student admission to The Rooms screening is $6.50. Most tickets can be purchased at the LSPU Hall on 3 Victoria Street, but please check the website.

Newfoundland-based films include Life is Short, Wear the Sparkly Earrings, a short directed by Hedi Coombs-Thorne focused on artist Janet Edmonds, her work and her battle with cancer. FRAMED, a filmmaking camp for older youth and adults in Newfoundland, presents All Night, a short set in Grenfell’s green room during a college all-nighter. Another one that caught my eye was Avon Ladies Rural Style, directed by Rhonda Buckley, which tells the story of women selling Avon makeup across rural Newfoundland, undeterred by cliffs, mountains, and woodpiles.

Other films on my list include Suck It Up, a full-length film about two women, a blue Mustang, and a road trip. The summary describes it as “decidedly not a Thelma and Louise story,” so I’m eager for the twist on this old, beloved classic of women not giving a hoot about what you think. I am also psyched to catch Landline, directed by Gillian Robespierre and featuring the hilarious Jenny Slate (of Marcel the Shell fame, and the only character I wanted to hang out with on Girls).

There is a lot to choose from, including animated films and documentaries that might catch your eye. However, do not dismiss the other half of this festival; the super cool panels and talks. Meet directors at the “Keep Making Features” panel on Friday, October 20. Alternatively, check out “Doc Talk” on Saturday to learn about documentary filmmaking. You can pitch your film idea at the “Face to Face Pitch Session” on Sunday (by appointment only, applications available at industry@womensfilmfestival.com).

The best way to catch all these awesome screenings and learn how to purchase your tickets is to visit the SJIWFF website.

Happy Viewing!