October 9, 2017 
By – Leslie Claire Amminson

Julie Payette has quite the resumé, and it is about to get longer. The fifty-three-year-old Montreal native is an engineer, she has her pilot’s licence, and she is fluent in four languages. She has been to space—on two separate occasions—and is also trained in scuba-diving. In addition, Payette is a recipient of the highest form of honour in the country: the Order of Canada. Now, she is starting a new chapter in her ever-expanding career. On October 2, Payette was officially sworn in as the new Governor General of Canada.

In her acceptance speech, Payette highlighted the need for cooperation and equal opportunity, stating “I’m a true believer in the strength of teamwork, in the power of dreams and on the absolute necessity of a support structure”.

Her goal for her term as Governor General was clear when she commented that anything can be achieved if people are “willing to work with others, to let go of the personal agenda to reach a higher goal, and to do what is right for the common good. And this is exactly what I hope that my mandate as a Governor General will reflect”.

Messages of congratulations poured in for Payette on Monday, including one from Justin Trudeau, who stated via Twitter, “Julie Payette represents the best of what it means to be Canadian. Join me in welcoming our 29th Governor General”.

Becoming Governor General will be a new adventure for Payette, but it seems to be her sense of adventure that draws this multi-talented woman to new opportunities.