Students at Memorial University may be disappointed with the lack of availability of appointments at the MUN Student Health Centre during this busy time of year.

As students ramp up to complete final papers, assignments, group projects, and exams that drains on their mental and physical health. While many have proactively filled their prescriptions, the swing of a busy winter semester—as many know to be common—have found themselves without prescriptions and unable to refill them at their usual university clinic.

“As of 10am March 27, the next available appointment is April 11,” said Dr. Peter Cornish, director of the Student Wellness Centre, in an interview with the Muse.

While the current reality looks dim for students in a rush to get an appointment, Dr. Cornish says that he expects several new physicians to be offering new appointments either this week or the next.

“Demand for the clinic has been increasing year by year, and when one of the physicians at the clinic became ill earlier this month the availability for appointments decreased,” said Dr. Cornish.

Prior to this, Dr. Cornish says that appointment wait times were about a week, which is better than most other places in the city.

For students who are unable to attain an appointment within the time frame they need, Dr. Cornish suggests that students who are looking for prescription refills to call far in advance, “about three to four weeks before the prescription runs out.”

Though, Dr. Cornish says that, if a student forgets to call in advance they can visit one of the family walk-in clinics at 260 Blackmarsh Road.

In response to the many years of demand on the clinic, Dr. Cornish said, “we are planning to expand and improve both access and range of health and wellness programming over the next year as we transition to a fully integrated interprofessional clinic in a new space on the 5th floor.

“Last week, we hired two new physicians who will be starting in April. We are in discussions with two more who may start as early as this week. As such, we are hoping to open up new appointment slots within days,” said Cornish.

While the wellness centre has been working hard to open up appointments. Dr. Cornish says that there are many students who are booking appointments and not showing without cancelling. There was a day last week, with 13 no-shows: spots that other students may have happily taken.

“Students are encouraged to notify the clinic through a dedicated email if they are unable to keep their appointments. Cancellations would allow the physicians to see more students sooner. Students can cancel their appointments by sending an email to”

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