There are many roads that can lead you to what you want to be. Particularly if what you want to be is a part of the wonderful world of media and entertainment. There are so many options available as means to get your foot in the door as a voice in the current media landscape, that even picking a medium can be difficult. Film? Blogging? Music? Poetry? For former Memorial University student, Warren Gordon, simply diving straight into your available opportunities may be the best path to take. Gordon is currently attending Humber College for broadcasting and hosts his weekly radio show turned podcast, “The Party.”

The Toronto based College offers a diverse course-load for those interested in each step of the broadcasting process “…there are classes in Announcing, News, Production, Sales & Marketing, Creative Writing, and Commercial Writing. So you get your hands dirty with each of the different fields there are in radio.”

“There’s much more to running a radio station than turning on a microphone,” said Gordon.

Prior to his current situation in Toronto, Gordon attended Memorial University where he studied communications, though he found the program wasn’t quite what he was looking for.

“At one point I was doing Russian Film studies, and I’m sitting there thinking, ‘what the hell am I doing here?’”

Gordon didn’t anticipate making the move from university to college, however. He mentioned having his own doubts toward the change.

“There was this huge stigma where I was growing up that College/Trade School was seen as the ‘lesser’ of the two, when actually, that’s 100 per cent not the case,” said Gordon. Gordon says trade schools as an alternative to university stating.

“It’s just a completely different experience. You don’t get real life experiences by burying your face in a book for 4 plus years.”

The origins of Gordon’s acclaimed podcast came from a desire to showcase the many musical talents of St. John’s. “The Party started (pun definitely intended) in 2011 after I had hosted a morning show with a former colleague of mine for three months,” said Gordon. His solo endeavor on CHMR, MUN’s campus radio, may have had a slow start, but for him it was all worth it.

“Did I have a clue what I was doing when I got in the booth? Hell no. But I went for it, and I’m glad I did because I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Getting into the field of broadcasting for Gordon, wasn’t even something he had considered before his time in university.

“I hadn’t had a clue what I wanted coming to MUN, so, by volunteering and working with both CHMR and the Muse, it opened some doors for me that I didn’t know were open. I always tell people that me doing radio was ‘by accident’ and not something that I had planned at all,” said Gordon.

Gordon has celebrated change over the course of his educational career, and maintains this attitude with regards to his podcast as well. “The Party has always been an ‘experimental playground.’ I’m open to feedback and criticisms, guest hosts, guest producers, etc.,” said Gordon.

“It makes things fresh and exciting because just hearing me every week would end up being monotonous.”

With experiences editing for the Muse, hosting radio shows on CHMR, and creating a podcast, Gordon doesn’t just celebrate change in his career path, but diversity. “I’ve learned a great deal at each [opportunity], met so many amazing people and it’s definitely something I love doing.”

Gordon offered some wisdom for those interested in pursuing media and entertainment as a potential career path. “It’s definitely best to jump right into it. Head first. When I started sports writing, my editor threw me into the field immediately—it was baptism by fire.” He encourages those interested in media to seize every opportunity available.

“So with media, it’s best to just keep producing content. The more content you have, the more you’ll have to show off to your peers and future employers.”

Chasing down possibilities and pursuing a passion for entertainment seems to have worked out for Warren Gordon. Keeping an open and optimistic mind in the face of great uncertainties has led him to be in a place where he can do what he loves to do.

As for the future of “The Party”, Gordon said: “…The Party is an experimental playground, which keeps things fresh. So it keeps things new and keeps people tuning in. As for upcoming guests and future plans? To that I say, ‘stay tuned.’”

The Party can be found on Facebook, Twitter (@ThePartyPodcast) and all other social medias. Download and subscribe on iTunes, Google Play and SoundCloud.