Society Spotlight is a series where we shed some light on the various clubs and societies at MUN. This week, the Muse met with Krystal Bursey, co-chair of the Pre-Med Society, to learn more about this organization.

What is the Pre-Med Society?

We’re an organization run by students to provide unique resources for students who are interested in medicine, whether it be educating about medicine or writing, peer support, or volunteer opportunities. That kind of thing.

What kind of events activities do you do?

For this year, for example, we made Halloween treat bags for kids who had to stay in the Janeway during Halloween, and we also made Christmas ones. We have some ideas for Easter ones but I don’t know if we can do that yet. We’re also gonna do some different activities; I’m trying to plan one now with the admissions advisor from MUN medicine to answer people’s questions about the admissions process for applying to medicine. Last semester we did do one with medicine students in MUN so they can give you their personal experience of the application process with the MCAT and everything it takes to get in and how they found their way in and how they found the interview process.

In what ways does the Pre-Med Society aim to prepare students for Med school?

We just try to give students a bunch of opportunities so they can add that to their resumes. That’s really important for Med school. But also we try to give them more info about Med school, especially MUN’s Med school because it’s definitely more available to us. We’re looking at other opportunities now. We’re just trying to provide peer support like, myself and Lauren, the other co-chair, did a panel on how we found the MCAT because we’ve both written it and we gave our advice to all the students writing it this year because I think there’s no better way to learn than from students who’ve already written it and all their mistakes they’ve made (laughs).

Do you have any big events or major plans for this year?

We don’t have any huge events planned. I think our next biggest one would probably be the admissions advisor coming and doing a presentation and like a chat. That one’s normally pretty popular. A lot of people are interested in hearing from an actual admissions advisor to answer questions because it’s probably the most accurate information to get.

How can people get involved or support the pre-med Society?

We love volunteers. We love them. You can get involved by messaging me, and you can join the Pre-Med Society Facebook page. That’s probably the most active part, that gives a lot of information about different opportunities within St. John’s that Pre-Med students might be interested in but we also post things when we’re looking for volunteers. You can also message me because we do have a volunteer chat and that’s a more direct way and I can add you to that.

When and where is your next event?

I’m not sure yet. I’m still working on that so I don’t have answer for you (laughs).

Do you have an idea of how many people that are a part of the society get into Med school and pursue it fully?

I have no idea, some people who join the society are also interested in fields related to Med school. It’s not always people end up pursuing medicine but there are a lot of opportunities that go hand in hand. I know some people that are a part of the executive, which will have elections soon, a lot of them do go on to do Med school. There was one girl last year who got in. I know before I was a part of it, a lot of the executives are in Med school now. It’s hard to tell because there are a lot of volunteers that are not on the executive, that come and go, so I don’t always hear from them. It’s a little hard to tell. It’s not a good measure, there are a lot of people on the society page.

Where can people get information on the Society?

The Facebook page is the best way, or messaging me.

Krystal can be reached at for more information, or you can check out the MUN Pre-Med Society on Facebook.