The trailer for Bad Life Choices opens with two twenty-somethings recoiling from the daylight that is invading their living room and hangovers. The show’s premise is simple: Penny and Josh are friends and, what a therapist would probably call, enablers. They help each other avoid responsible adulting by doing things like defrauding their other friends with a pyramid scheme, instead of just paying for concert tickets with, you know, their own money. These characters might not be the most upstanding millennials, but the series’ co-creators Nick Wakeham and Rob Shapiro say the most exciting part of the project for them is introducing their audience to these misguided youth. Though they act entitled, Penny and Josh buck the stereotypical millennial laziness with their unconventional approach to getting what they figure they deserve.

Right now, the creators are seeking production support in order to finish shooting the first season. They already have some comedy heavyweights on board, notably Paul Bellini of Kids in the Hall fame. The show also stars Newfoundland’s Ryan Dillon, who completed a diploma in Communication Media at MUN and has since gone on to Just For Laughs, JFL 42 and the finals of Sirius XM Top Comic.

Bad Life Choices is Wakeham and Shapiro’s first collaboration, though they have been friends for years. Wakeham finished his commerce degree at MUN in 2013 and then, after encouragement from Shapiro, bought a one-way ticket to Toronto in order to do more writing and comedy. Wakeham says Bad Life Choices is similar to his experience at MUN in that Penny and Josh live “the path of least resistance to get anything done” that he and some of his classmates also practiced. However, Wakeham is quick to emphasize that Penny and Josh’s titular bad life choices are “a bit more drastic” than students’ slack study habits.

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