There are literally hundreds of dollars to be made in the poetry business through the English Department’s Gregory J. Power Poetry Competition. The contest is open to all MUN students, and the first place poem wins up to $300. There will also be prizes for second and third place, as well as honourable mentions and Jeroboam Poetry Prize for a piece about Newfoundland and Labrador. The deadline to submit is Friday, March 17 and the award ceremony, which is open to everyone, will take place on the last day of classes, Wednesday, April 5.

This year, Mary Dalton and Dr. Joel Deshaye will be judges of the contest. Dalton is an award-winning poet and author of seven books and Deshaye is a poetry expert, and author as well. Both are professors in the English Department. In 2016, Andreae Callanan, an English MA student with a focus on creative writing, took first place with her poem “Revival.”

The Competition honours Gregory J. Power (1909-1997), a poet, political satirist, politician, and poultry businessman originally from Placentia Bay. He is recognized as Joey Smallwood’s right hand during the confederation movement. His poetry reflects his diverse interests. In his work, he write about nature, the experiences of the working class, and the controversial margarine legislation in the confederation agreement.

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