Every Midterm break, MUN organizes a one-day volunteering event for students to volunteer within the local community. Often, those participating attend multiple events. Events range from gardening to office work and beyond.

In an interview with the Muse, Meagan Campbell, the Student Volunteer Bureau coordinator, says that while Make Midterm Matter isn’t an event organized by the SVB, it is an event they try to participate in every year.

“This semester, the theme was about feeding bodies and souls,” said Campbell.

This year, students could attend volunteer opportunities at the Johnson GEO Centre, Bridges to Hope, The Gathering Place, Manuels River Interpretation Centre and MUN Campus Food Bank.

“Six other groups stayed on campus in the morning for a collective professional development session, before all heading out to separate Eastern Health long-term care facilities in the afternoon,” said Campbell.

Campbell says she spent the majority of her time at the Campus Food Bank, which was the first time the Campus Food Bank had hosted students for Make Midterm Matter.

“There are lots of reasons for a student to volunteer, and of course the exact motivations vary from student to student—but I think Make Midterm Matter has stuck around and been successful for so long because students like being able to do something that makes them feel good and feel connected to their community,” said Campbell.

“Even when you’ve got a paper due or a test coming up, getting out for a day and volunteering can sometimes do you more good than another day of being buried in the books. I’ve had students tell me they feel refreshed after Make Midterm Matter.”

Campbell concluded: “Make Midterm Matter is really the easiest, low-commitment way to get a taste of volunteering. It’s one day, and we do the work of finding other students to join you, packing your lunch, and transporting you to and from the site. It’s such a pain-free way to try something new, and you can walk away from it knowing who you benefited and how.

“Every MUN student should try to Make Midterm Matter at least once during their time at Memorial!”