After many months of planning, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) have created a new degree program for hopeful HSS students that once approved by senate will be available as an option for any undergrad – even those graduating soon.

The International Bachelor of Arts (IBA) will be available to any student in the Humanities and Social Sciences faculty if it gets the okay in the senate meeting, which will be happening on February 28.

The IBA ensures students have a more globalized focus on their undergraduate degree by including extra requirements for the program such as two extra language courses and a prescribed list of “global” and “international” courses. Alex Marland, the Associate Dean for the HSS, says those involved in the planning committee and the individual professors who regularly teach the courses have vetted the new requirements.

Students who plan to do the IBA will have to attend a semester abroad program organized through one of the field schools or to do an internship and work with Rebecca Newhook of the co-op office to ensure they plan their degree and their time out of the country accordingly.

Though students may believe that they have to study international relations to complete the IBA, Marland says this isn’t the case. Students can study any degree program offered through the faculty, go for a semester to study or work outside of Canada and simply complete the required extra courses.

“Any communication that comes out of the university is often nice and friendly, but we should be critical of what’s going out there too. As someone who studies political communication, I honestly cannot find anything wrong with this program that’s being put forward,” said Marland.