Author: Jayne Hamlyn

In April 2017, Memorial University Grenfell campus will lose a valuable member of their Senior Administration. Vice-President of Grenfell Dr. Mary Bluechardt will be moving to Mount Saint Vincent University (The Mount) to take on the role of President and Vice Chancellor on July 1. Bluechardt took over the position at Grenfell on July 1, 2011, after completing a term as Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

Prior to these accomplishments, Bluechardt spent time at the St. John’s campus of Memorial University as the Dean of Kinetics and Recreation and as a professor during a 17-year tenure at the University of Regina, where she enjoyed a more research based schedule as opposed to the more administrative role she has taken on lately.

While Dr. Bluechardt has enjoyed her time at both campuses, she speaks very fondly of her time at Grenfell calling her experience “absolutely amazing. We have accomplished many things.”

While she will no longer be at Grenfell, Bluechardt is looking forward to the “big projects in the works and the proposals yet to come forward.”

As Dr. Bluechardt is looking forward to moving onward in her career, she is comfortable knowing she is leaving a thriving, engaged community behind her that is only going up from here.

In a press statement regarding the Vice-President’s new appointment at The Mount, President of Grenfell Dr. Gary Kachanoski expresses thanks and congratulations for the excellent leadership and service that Bluechardt has given during her time on campus, with promises of a more formal recognition in the New Year. The President and Vice-President look forward to working together in new positions and growing their professional relationship on a different level.

The President will appoint an interim replacement for the remainder of Dr. Bluechardt’s term, which will be chosen by Dr. Kachanoski and the composition of a committee in accordance with the policy and procedure for hiring a senior academics and administrators.