A part of growing up is learning about the “secrets” surrounding our parents. Secrets that help us discover the missing pieces in the puzzle of our lives. Past decisions and events kept under wraps that shaped who we are, but that for a long time we were largely unaware of. Three Days of Rain explores these complex intergenerational relationships, giving an inside view of Walker Janeway and his father, as we discover how the ones closest to us are sometimes the ones we tend to misunderstand the most. This stage production described by one of the performers as “frank and relatable” will be staging at The Barbara Barrett Theatre in The Arts and Culture Centre from November 30th to December the 3rd staring Aiden Flynn, Alexis Koetting and Paul Wilson.

On this play where experience meets fresh talent, the History and philosophy double major Patrick Jeffrey tells his experience on this play, part of the undergraduate course “Producing the play.” He mentions that this has been a great experience since the beginning when the course instructor and multi-award winning casting director Danielle Irvine reached out to him to be an understudy on the play. Jeffrey explains that his role as an understudy is to cover for Paul Wilson on stage for some nights due to commitments with Discovery’s television series Frontier. For Jeffrey this has been a great opportunity retake his passion for theatre that he left behind in his home province P.E.I after he decided to move to St. John’s to pursue his Bachelors degree. “I felt kind off dismayed when I assumed there was no theatre program at this campus, but after some research is easy to find out that there’s theatre going on in this city and there’s theatre students can get into.”

Jeffrey also talked about talking with the renowned casting director Danielle, awarded last year as the “MVP for the local theatre scene” by the Overcast. “She is the go to person in St. John’s for really just good hard heating theatre and is great that she is working for the school”. He mentions that under her direction the interaction between students and professional actors has been “efficient and dynamic.”

The concept of a play performed by professional actors and ran by students, is to cultivate the talent through cooperation and a hands-on experience on the elements of the production of a play. “Everyone that is in the program is so dedicated, we are really seeing a new generation of artists interacting with very experienced ones, which is kind of cool to see in one room.” Jeffrey said.

This promising stage production will showcase the work put in by students and professionals throughout the semester. “People can expect a very honest, frank and emotional experience, but is also going to be quite funny and relatable,” Jeffrey said, “I’d encourage everyone to come, there’s quite a lot of realist language. Very frank dealing with major issues.”

To know more about “Three Days of Rain” and how to purchase tickets visit: www.sweetlinetheatre.ca/