Decorating for Christmas BEFORE Remembrance Day? The impudence! The audacity! The unmitigated GALL! Do they not know how to show respect to the veterans of this country?

Year after year, I overhear the same argument: celebrating Christmas before Remembrance Day is disrespectful to veterans. As a result, I am reminded every year of the human tendency of spouting our censorious inclinations to those who may listen keenly, or to those who simply don’t want to hear them at all.

Of course, with any argument, there just HAS to be a definitive way to think or conclude about that topic. I even have to admit that I was once that person who questioned why people decorate for Christmas before Remembrance Day, and I am not afraid, nor ashamed, to say that I was wrong about my viewpoint.

Belittling someone’s choice towards matters of personal preference will not make your own opinion become stronger and infallible. It just makes you look like a person who is void of any respect towards the personal preferences of people regarding Christmas or any other ceremonial event they choose to observe.

What if a person was born on November 11? Does that mean they have to celebrate on a different day altogether because it interferes with their ability to respect veterans? No, absolutely not. Our enjoyment of one does not mean we lack respect for the other.

It is disrespectful to assume that a person is any less respectful towards veterans because they choose to decorate for the holidays before November 11. The sacrifices made by our veterans, the same sacrifices that our peacekeepers and soldiers are making today, are made to ensure that we as Canadian’s have the freedom of choice that we experience in so many ways, including being able to celebrate whatever holiday we want, whenever we want: to be free of persecution, belittlement, and judgment.

That being said, I would like to give my own sincere gratitude and thanks to the veterans and soldiers who have served this beautiful country. I’ll be standing at the war memorial on November 11, bright eyed with a heart full of love and appreciation, wearing my hand-knit holiday scarf, and holding a peppermint mocha to keep me warm.

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