Chris Ledrew, a St. John’s native, has released his first solo album in a decade. A veteran in the NL folk music scene, he has worked with various artists across the province such as Brothers in Stereo, The 8-Track Favorites, and even the late Ron Hynes on albums such as Cryer’s Paradise and Face to the Gale. He also led a tribute act for Ron Hynes this past summer at the 40th annual Folk Festival from Bannerman Park.

Ledrew said that while he enjoys teaching and is also an avid photographer, music will always be something he loves to do. “I like for things to be easy to understand,” he says of his songwriting, citing legends like Bob Dylan and Tom Petty as lyrical influences.

Art of the Confessor was recorded with producer and co-writer Joshua Grange, along with Barry Ledrew of Brothers in Stereo, in Nashville from August 10-20.

He said that the album felt more like a year-long project than a 10 day recording session. The process began in February when he went to Nashville to fundraise for making the album.

“[Joshua Grange] thought that my lyrics needed a lot of work. They needed to be more interesting and rely more on metaphors and stuff like that. He had me go back to the drawing board and had me try to let go of some of my inhibitions and preconceptions on what lyrics
should be.”

Ledrew said that when he was in Nashville, he was tweaking some of his lyrics at the last minute to make sure they fit his producers standards. He said that the title of the album came from an Albert Camus quote.

“I thought it kind of gave me this idea that confession itself would be an art. A lot of the songs on the record are just me confessing things metaphorically,” he said.

His favourite song of the nine track album is “Sometimes the Light”, a piece that he said flows the best lyrically and musically. He said that nothing has been set in stone just yet for his tour, but that he’ll be looking to play in various festivals across the province this coming summer to promote the album.

Art of the Confessor will be released on November 9.