Officials from Ancillary Operations at Memorial University say that the new vendor in the food court will be open by fall semester at the latest.

An expression of interest (EOI) request has been issued for the vacant space for up-and-coming food chains to submit their ideas for the space. The space was previously occupied by Mrs. Vanelli’s.

Facilities Management will close submissions on June 10 at 4 p.m.

“We are working to make this happen as quickly as possible,” said Laura Barron, a communications coordinator at MUN.

“It’s too early to tell when a new vendor might be open in the space, as it will depend on the extent to which renovations are needed, and the process needed to pull everything together.”

To help with the process of choosing a vendor, a selections committee will be implemented. The committee will be consisted of representatives from the Graduate Students Union (GSU), Memorial University Students Union (MUNSU), Facilities Management, Ancillary Operations, and the Student Life committee.

Mrs. Vanelli’s closed its doors on April 18 as its lease contract with MTY Food Group under Memorial University expired. The food service has since been torn down and been barred off to the public.

Seven percent of the student body voted in food survey

Barron says that the results of the food survey that was done back in March will not be revealed in order to not skew any future submissions.

However, Barron says that 1,655 respondents took part in the food survey with 80 per cent of those participants being students.

68.8 per cent were were undergraduates (1,139), while 12.9 per cent were graduate students (213).

Healthier options should be considered, graduate student says

As the decision for a new vendor is looming, students say that they want a place where they can help healthier food options.

Rizza Umali, a recent graduate student says that Thai Express or Freshii should be chosen to replace the former Italian food franchise.

“I feel like there should be healthier options in the UC,” said Umali.