Album: Post Pop Depression
Artist: Iggy Pop
Genre: Punk Rock
Label: Loma Vista Records
Year: 2016

Grade: A

Iggy Pop, a punk rock veteran for the last four decades, has released some of the most innovative music with his band, The Stooges. He has also released 16 solo records, including his latest effort, Post Pop Depression.

The seventeenth album from the Michigan native is one of his most experimental albums to date, for someone who hasn’t listened to much of the Stooges. His eerie vocals sound similar to musicians like Leonard Cohen on songs like “Vulture,” a song comparing a vulture with images of death and decay.

Songs like “Sunday” open up into the personal hell of Iggy Pop with lyrics such as: “Like a wreck, I’m sinking fast.” Dark lyrics like this are what make these kinds of songs that much more compelling to me. Another song that people should listen to for its angst-ridden vibe is “Break Into Your Heart” with its lyrics about the dark side of love.

One of my personal favorites is “Paraguay.” At the tail end of the track, Iggy speaks a little spoken word that lets out all of his anger and insanity that he has been holding for several years. The composition is also what makes this track stand out for me.

As a new listener to Iggy Pop, this is an excellent record to whet your appetite for a new artist that you may have never heard before. Although this isn’t the man’s first rodeo, this is one of the best albums for any rock fan to enjoy. I definitely recommend that you listen to it.