MUN among nine Atlantic universities competing in challenge

For many university students, maintaining academics, extracurricular activities, part-time jobs, and social lives all come with a staggering impact to the one thing that we should all be mindful of most: mental health.

The MoodCheck app hopes to bring a positive impact towards mental health for students, working upon the grounds that a raised level of self-awareness of one’s own mental health will often yield positive results.

Students participating in the challenge running from March 14-25 will note that twice a day, at random intervals, they will be prompted by the MoodCheck app to enter their mood and the activity that they are currently engaged in.

“This increased awareness is known to be a strong predictor of improved mental health and well-being” said Peter Cornish, Director of the Student Wellness and Counselling Centre at MUN.

The competition, in which Memorial University is one of nine Atlantic universities participating, hopes to bring a wider awareness to mental health for students and to the resources they may utilize to help with anxiety, depression, or general stress management.

Participating students will earn points each time the app is utilized, and the school with the most accumulated points by the end will receive $1,500 to be used towards a campus mental wellness initiative.

The MoodCheck app is part of a larger program, WellTrack, which provides students with a number of online tools to help manage and aid in mental wellness. Many of the universities competing in this month’s challenge already utilize WellTrack within their mental wellness programs, though for the schools which do not, they will be offering free usage for the duration of the challenge.