The New Year is here! With each New Year comes a score of resolutions where we decide this year will be the year. More often than not, resolutions get dropped due to time constraints and a myriad of other reasons or excuses. If you want to succeed in your resolutions/goals this year, here are a few simple tips that should help make your goals achievable:

Plan ahead–Goals made spur of the moment or with minimal forethought reflect your mood/emotional state of that day, and therefore might not be applicable in the long run. Put some thought into what you want to achieve and why.

Make an outline –Create a list of steps to take in order to achieve the goals you want to. If it’s broken down, completing one small step is a lot easier than trying to tackle a big project.

Reward yourself–If you are doing well working towards your goal, go ahead and treat yourself to something small. Also decide what your big reward is for once your goal is finally achieved!

Be realistic–Be honest with yourself: Is your list of goals reasonable? Maybe it would be more realistic to divide the list into different months so not all of them are being tackled at once.

Form a habit –It takes between three to four weeks to change a habit/create a new one. Use this timeline as your goal instead of looking at a full year. At the end of the month chances are it will be a habit that is a lot easier to keep up on.

Be serious – Make sure the goals are ones you are passionate about and firmly want to achieve. If the goal falls under “might be nice to try,” it won’t be kept and will make you feel guilty for not completing it.

Be specific – When it comes to steps and goals, being clear in what you want and why will make it easier to achieve, and serve as an excellent reminder.

Post it – Write it out/type out the list and post it in a prominent spot (i.e. fridge or bathroom mirror) as a constant reminder.

These tips can be applied to any goal, whether it is related to fitness, lifestyle changes, classes, work, social life, or bad habits. Another fun idea is to find a friend with similar goals and check in weekly or monthly—this enforces a level of accountability that helps when working towards goals and forming new habits.

Best of luck achieving your goals!